cyndiCynthia Sanders is a graduate from Central Connecticut State University, a formally trained life coach, a member of the International Coach Federation, is recognized by the Cambridge Who’s Who registery of executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs and is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and Temperament personality type theories.  She has delivered workshops on personality type to hundreds of individuals in corporate and non profit organizations.  She has held leadership positions in the corporate and non profit sectors for over 30 years.

Her training programs have facilitated improved processes, developed leadership skills, promoted an understanding of generational diversity, advanced knowledge of behavioral management techniques, and encouraged the awareness of emotional intelligence for those in leadership positions.  As a board member for non profit organizations, she uses her leadership skills to chair committees, structure workflows, and help unlock barriers to evolution.

A seasoned curriculum designer, she is adept at customizing training classes, workshops or programs.  Organizations and businesses are particularly relieved when they can find events that focus on their programs.  Recognizing that general offerings are not sufficient for everyone, Cyndi is proficient in tailoring training events or speaking engagements that meet the needs of your organization.

Cyndi is available throughout the United States for individual coaching, management consulting, and leadership training.