Q: What is the Sanders Solution?

A: The Sanders Solution is a business coaching firm that helps professionals to awaken hidden abilities in individuals, businesses and organizations to funnel talents and maximize strengths toward achieving positive results.

Q: What kind of ‘hidden abilities’ are you talking about?

A: I’m talking about the talents each of us is born with. I’m talking about those things we do that come so easily for us we don’t even know we’re doing them.  I’m talking about those behaviors we marvel at in others.

For example, each year I am dumbfounded that my CPA loves to do taxes.  I am amazed how some people can easily talk with anybody…about anything…at any location or venue…any time of the day or night. I often wonder why it is so easy for some people, like scientists and judges, to make judgments based solely on facts.  I realize that these people had to have many years of formal education to be profitable in their professions, but it was their innate abilities and interests – their hidden abilities so to speak – that led them to those professions in the first place.

Doing what we do…and doing it well…without thinking is what I’m talking about when I say hidden abilities.

Q: Exactly what is it that you do?

A: I help entrepreneurs customize a business roadmap that produce a stronger workforce, happier customers, and higher profits.

Q: What does this roadmap look like?

A: Well since each roadmap is customized, the client will dictate how it will look.  However the approach I use centers around three things: where are you now, where do you want to be, and what steps can you take to get you there.

I personally work with each business owner and together we develop a statement of the business need and a vision of the successful result. Between those two statements we create a step by step plan of what is needed to systematically get to the end result.

Q: That doesn’t sound so difficult.  Don’t businesses take these three things into consideration anyway?

A: Of course entrepreneurs and small businesses know what it takes to be in business.  After that what usually happens is the day to day operations required to maintain their customer base. Because of the preoccupation of keeping the business running, business owners may not have the time, energy or knowledge of how to obtain and maintain a smooth running team, how to polish the leadership qualities of their staff or how to strategize on how to grow their company.  This is how I can help.  I will work with the business owner and together we will create a roadmap of how to weave growth, teamwork, or leadership skills in their operation.

Q: So who implements this roadmap?

A: The business owners that I work with are used to implementing action plans and they are working with me to customize one that works for them.

Q: So tell me about your clients.

A: My ideal clients are small businesses with an employee base between 1 and 50.  They are professionals and are good at what they do.  However they may struggle with office dynamics or need to work on a vision that moves them to the next level. They may be looking for training for their staff or support in growing their business.

I have also worked with seasoned professionals who are unsatisfied with their growth in a company, struggle with their corporate culture or find it difficult communicating effectively. They also are looking for a detached thinking partner to help them to keep growing, reaching goals, and achieving potential.

Q: So you do training also?

A: Yes. Small businesses hire employees that are skilled in their craft and they know their business.  But there may be bickering in the office.  Their staff might have an edge in their demeanor when working with customers and, consequently, may not present the company in the best light because their behaviors are not customer focused.

These frustrations can occur whether the business has 1 or 50 employees. They may find their employees have conflict within teams, poor supervisory skills, unpolished leadership skills, dismal communication/interpersonal skills, disgraceful etiquette skills, or problems with tolerance and diversity.

My clients deserve access to the same customized training and consulting that is ubiquitous in larger companies. My clients deserve a detached thinking partner to provide a roadmap and help them grow. My clients deserve the freedom to be an independent business owner with time to enjoy friends, family and the fruits of their labor.

Q: How does the working relationship within an office affect communication, productivity, customer satisfaction, and profits?

A: In a word – Attitude. Your attitude influences how you communicate with your customers, staff, and peers.  If you do that in a positive way, things get done faster with improved quality – efficiently, and people enjoy working with you.  When people enjoy working with you, you tend to have less turnover and more customer satisfaction.  All of which leads to an increase in productivity – and profits – over the competition.

Q: What can the Sanders Solution do for me?

A: Get you started����on the road to success. And, yes, you define success according to your vision. Sometimes you just have to know where to begin, what to keep, and what to change.

Provide a roadmap to tackle those troubling business issues. It is your business development plan that serves as a blueprint for your business growth.

Provide customized training. You don’t have to search for a generic training class to hone your skills – and be one of 100 or 400 attendees only to come home and try to figure out how to use that training in your business.  Each training session that I do has only the concepts that are important to you and includes only the attendees you choose.

Provide face-to-face or virtual coaching sessions. Constraints due to time or distance are virtually eliminated.  If you have a phone, computer, or webcam then we can meet.

Provide the secrets behind your personality and why that makes you successful or sends red flags to your customers. We are who we are and that’s true, however when who we are creates problems in the workforce or rubs our customers the wrong way, then we have a problem.  That problem is productivity and profits.  How does your personality help or hinder your success?

Q: How did you get into this business?

A: To answer this question, it's probably best that I share with you a defining moment and resulting “compelling story” that brought me to where I am today, coaching people on exactly what to do to gain the freedom and enjoyment that puts them in charge of their business instead of being a slave to it.

When I look back, I would say my defining moment was in 1991. I worked at a company for many years – decades even – and I survived many downsizing hits. During this time, I keep growing my skills and work was not a negative contributor in my personal life. In the early 90’s I was recently married with a brand new house and brand new baby. I survived another downsizing hit but was being forced to do jobs that didn’t play to my strengths with people who made it very clear that I wasn’t welcomed on their team. I was paralyzed with fear and had convinced myself that I had to ‘play ball’ or else I would lose the house and not be able to take care of my baby nor have a place for my stepson. The fact that my husband still had his job with benefits never entered my mind. Funny how not being in control can make you blind to the realities right in front of your face.  After a few more bumps and layoff threats, I made my first outline of a business plan of what would be my life after this company.

Eventually things got better and I was growing and learning again. I got lazy. I put that business plan on the back burner…but something told me not toss it.

As corporate cycles go, things got difficult again.  My years of solid skill and advanced training were put to the test. I was asked to produce seemingly impossible programs without support of any kind for a few hundred people…and I did it. I was asked to repeat this for a few thousand people…and I did it…with kudos and testimonials to boot!  However, it was not enough. I just didn’t fit in anymore. I had outgrown ���Corporate America’ and it took me almost 20 years to figure that out.

In the midst of all of this, I dusted off that old business outline.  I began to focus on my strengths.  I realized that I loved helping people and how, when allowed to use their strengths, they would soar to new horizons.  I began to realize that people naturally came to me with work-related problems like ineffective teams, poor morale, dismal communications, and unnecessary conflict. And I delighted in working with them to create tolerance among teammates, improve communication, and address professionalism issues. I realized this was my true calling so I began, in earnest, training on a new career.

I sought out entrepreneurs, mentors, and formal training to prepare myself for my next career.  I made a conscience decision to offer the same analysis, assessments, training, and consulting that is readily available in Fortune 500 companies to small businesses with 50 or fewer employees.

My research and training paid off because within three weeks of leaving the corporate world, I had a functioning website and all the essentials of a legally incorporated small business. Within five months I had clients.

Q: What do I get by working with you?

A: If you work with me you will see progress immediately. Each session will reveal actionable outcomes that you can immediately implement. You will be able to act on concepts within 24 hours and determine how to refine them to provide the success you want.

Let’s face it, you can read a book or go to a seminar or go on line and get information on, say, how to write a business plan, or engage your employees, or win more customers. That information is pretty generic and can be difficult to implement in real life. When you work with me the entire process is focused on you.

I listen to you and customize a solution based on your criteria. It could include a guide to solving people problems encountered at work.  It could include a systematic process to keep your business moving in an efficient and profitable way. It could include some training sessions for your staff to improve their leadership skills or polish their professionalism.

Whatever tools I create based on your specific criteria will be yours to keep. You can use the training materials long after the training events and our contractual period ends. You will have the tools and techniques at your fingertips for years to come.

Q: What kind of programs do you offer?

A: I’ve put together programs that speak to the different struggles and frustrations that small business face.

The Basic Program is for businesses that need that detached thinking partner to help articulate the problems and offer ways to reduce or eliminate them.  In this package, you get four (4) one-on-one personalized business coaching sessions. During these regularly scheduled meetings, we will totally focus on the symptoms, problems or situations you are facing and devise a business plan complete with action steps, due dates, dependencies, resource, and skill requirements to address the symptom, attack the problem or improve the situation.

I offer an Executive Program for businesses with a clear objective of what they would like to complete. We meet regularly over the course of about two months and begin a step by step process aimed at completing your project. Say you want to create a business proposal so that you can gain funds to grow your business, these sessions will help you scrutinize all aspects of your business so that you emerge much stronger, more cohesive, and with more clarity to evolve in ways that may have never occurred to you before.

I also offer a VIP Program for businesses intent to grow the company, themselves, and their staff.  In this program we will actually create a business and staff development plan.  This could include educational curriculum specifically designed for your staff and the subsequent class outlines consisting of only the concepts that you deem necessary.  This involved process takes three months of eight sessions.  Also included are 8 email correspondences where you approve and comment on outlines on course materials and 8 phone calls to me.  And if that’s not enough, this program also includes a formal personality assessment of your leadership, communication, and management style.  This is invaluable information as you get a bird’s eye view of the profound way you affect the success of your business. This piece alone will help you in all aspects of your life today, tomorrow, and in years to come.

However at the Sanders Solution we can customize practically anything.  If you don’t see a program that fits your situation, just contact us.  We will design a program with the components that fit your unique situation.

Q: What makes you different from other business coaches?

A: Although our sessions may touch on traditional business coaching topics like market development, time management, and people management, the Sanders Solution is the ONLY company that I know of that can provide clarity in your vision, customize a comprehensive training curriculum, design each class in that curriculum, and facilitate the delivery. I do not leave you to your own devises when it comes to delivering the training.

I also am certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Temperament personality assessment theories.  These assessments are administered and interpreted only by authorized professionals. Millions of people all over the world have found the results of these assessments to be of immeasurable value in all aspects of their life ����� including their professional life.

And, finally, I customize everything for you. In a world where we can get virtually anything ‘off the shelf’, I offer you a way to use any information you and I can get our hands on and tweak it for you and your unique situation. And I don’t leave you after our contract ends. I touch base within six months to ensure the action steps accurately addressed you concern. How many other business coaches are as vested in your success as you are?

Q: How can I get started working with you?

A: First let me know you are interested. Contact me either through my website or on the phone so we can set up a get acquainted session. During that meeting we can determine if there is a good match between us and determine the program that best suits your situation.

I invite potential clients to contact me for a ‘get acquainted session’ by visiting the website atwww.sanderssolution.com or calling 1-860-638-0084 or 1-805-518-1136.


Q: What is a get acquainted session?

A: Have you ever bought something that sounded terrific in the beginning only to be disappointed later? I do not want that to happen here. In a get acquainted session I get to understand your situation and you get a peek at my personality. That is one way to ensure that each of our sessions is totally focused on you and your situation. Click on the Contact Us page and send me an email.  Just write Get Acquainted Session in the subject line so we can begin.