Educational Workshops

We recognize that some organizations want to increase the level of professionalism in individuals on their staff.  Workshops are the perfect solution for this.  Our workshops are designed to build learning bridges to each individual on specific leadership topics that are relevant to you.  Colleges, corporations, churches, and businesses find that workshops offer a basis for improving relationships and accepting diversity.  Please click on Educational Workshops on the left to see if these or a customized version would best fit your needs.

Leadership Coaching

The Sanders Solution offers one on one leadership development for individuals who want to invest in themselves to achieve stability, focus and balance they deserve.  As a leadership coach, Cyndi works with you to utilize your strengths to identify new perspectives that generate big shifts in your thinking and create forward movement toward your goals.  Each of us knows when we are doing something that makes us truly happy…some of us just need a little coaching to get us there.  Click on Leadership Coaching on the left to see if coaching can support your goals at this time.

Management Consulting

Cyndi Sanders has spent decades in a Fortune 500 company and has honed her skills in management consulting.  She offers non profit groups, corporations, and local business the controlled support and direction they may need to bring out the untapped resources harboring in their organization.  Please click on Management Consulting on the left to identify how Cyndi can support you in taking your organization to the next level.

Keynote Speaker

Throughout her associations with people and organizations, Cyndi has found that the more successful ones are those who bring a common theme to regularly scheduled meetings.  At these meetings, there is typically lively discussion which usually enhances the group to a deeper, richer connection with each other.  Click on Keynote Speaker on the left and decide which of these topics would be perfect for your next function.


In today’s world there are times when it is just not feasible for people to come together in one setting for a class.  That is why the Sanders Solution offers webinars for individuals to attend a class conveniently in their home or office using only their computer and an internet connection.  Pease click on the left to see a list of Webinars that are currently being offered.